Sample Work of a Drywall Repair Contractor

Need drywall repair?

Backcountry Drywall provides drywall patch and repair services in Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, Big Sky and beyond. We make it easy to have holes, cracks, blemishes, and other drywall damage repaired with just a call, email, or text.

We not only patch your damaged drywall, we make sure that your Bozeman drywall repair looks like new! Our drywall patch service can handle all of your wall and ceilings damage and blemishes.

How It Works:

We make drywall repair easy for you. The process starts with a free estimate over the phone, text, or email. Simply contact us with the details of your request and a professional representative will get back to you.

We then schedule your drywall patching appointment and your damaged wall, ceiling or crack will be repaired in a single day. One visit to handle all of your drywall issues, from patching, to matching the texture.

Using our tried and true process, we combine our skills with specific products to complete your drywall patching in as little as one day. Most small repairs are finished in just one visit.

As an added bonus, we offer painting services to make your wall look as good as new.

Don't have matching paint? We can provide a custom match which will make it as though there was never any damage at all!


$250 is the minimum price for a repair. Price may increase depending on the size, location, and quantity of drywall repair(s).